Self-assurance, conviction and credibility

Debate as a complementary formation activity has a long tradition in ETEA, the mother institution of the University Loyola Andalusia. Experience has shown that exercising debate promotes communicative and research skills, key in the brand name of the Bolonia model.

Furthermore, the Debate Club of the University has as its main objective the promotion and development of the communicative skills of its university students so that they can express themselves in public with self-assurance, conviction and credibility.

In order to develop these skills, the university debate technique is brought into play, which consists of two groups confronting each other’s arguments, usually of an economic nature (one “pro” and the other “con”), according to certain rules of timing and form, after a painstaking research process and study. At the same time the aim is to promote the management of information and knowledge, the same as in team work.

In the last 10 years the Debate Club of the University Loyola Andalusia has participated in different competitions of university debate like the National University Debate League, where it was proclaimed the winner of the third edition; the UNIJES Debate Tournament Saint Frances Xavier, where it won the third and eighth editions; the Pasarela Tournament, and other University tournaments.

All those students of the University Loyola Andalusia -who wish to develop their communicative skills, team work attitudes and are willing to commit to the objectives of the club- can participate in the Debate Club.

You can follow them in Facebook and Twitter. Come and sign up for debate!

Adolfo  Hamer Flores

Adolfo Hamer Flores


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