Career Prospects

Graduates in Business Administration and Management (ADE) can perform their activities in management teams in all sorts of businesses and in specialized positions in administration, accounting, finance, taxation, human resources, sales, marketing, production, quality, workplace hazards, etc.  Moreover, they can work as auditors, consultants, advisors and trainers in these areas.

Private Sector
Service sectors: auditing, consulting, finance, marketing, distribution, tourism, healthcare, etc.
Industrial sector: food and beverages, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, automotive, textile, etc.
Infrastructure sector: technology, transport, telephone, energy, logistics, construction, etc.

Free exercise of the Profession
Appraisal and consulting for companies, economic business and financial analyst, auditor, entrepreneurship, etc.

Public Administration
Civil servant or technical workforce teams in Public Administration bodies:  Brokers, State Economists, State Tax Auditing, Intervention Corps, Civil Service Commercial Technician, etc.

Research, Development and Innovation
Market research, I+D+I department researchers, etc.

Public and private, both non-university and university Centers.

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