Attendance Policy

In order to comply with our regulations, students are required to attend classes. This means that your attendance in most cases must be above 70 percent in order to conduct the final exam. Each course provides a course guide within the first week of classes and students will be able to see each class´s attendance requirement.

This means that it is obligatory that students attend majority- if not all- of their classes at all times during their stay.

Failure to meet the attendance standard will mean the student cannot participate in that class´s final exam and therefore will receive a failing/incomplete grade for that class. No exceptions.

Attendance at Universidad Loyola is not a part of your grade but is necessary to have the ability to take the final exam which must be completed in order to obtain credit for any class.

Differences in Grading

Here in Spain we use a scale that goes from one to ten much like a system of percentages that correspond to a letter grade.

This scale signifies that one is the lowest mark while ten is the highest.

In addition to a different scale, grades are also calculate din a different way since we consider components such as theoretical practices, practical exams, and final exams for example. Participation is required for all classes however will not be a graded through attendance.

Another change in grading comes from some tests and quizzes taking place on Moodle, our version of Sakai, Blackboard, and other online student platforms. It is best to ask each professor within the earlies sessions how they will grade and what percentage of the grade depends on each element. This is often expressed within the student guide for each class also.

Here is the current conversion chart.

How to Find Information

Most any information you may require can be found within this portion of our website or under Services>International Relations>International Students.

This page serves to inform all international students about the university. This useful How To page contains information and links to videos that will help you.


Retake Exams

While in some partner schools conduct pass or fail exams, students at Universidad Loyola will have the option to retake their exams in the month following the initial exam period.

To elaborate, a student taking a Marketing exam in December will have the option to retake that exam for an improved mark in January. Also, a student taking a Theology exam in June can retake the exam in July.

This retake session is provided for students to replace their final exam or final course grade. As other academic topics, this will be listed by courses within their respective course guides.

Students should not plan on passing the first exam and make their schedules accordingly. Exams cannot be taken on a different date or location than the one prescribed. No exceptions.

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