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Universidad Loyola has two campuses, one in Córdoba and the other in Seville. Students participating in the Dual program will be located at the Seville campus as this is the only campus which provides all required coursework.

The current campus in Seville will only be used until the end of the 2018-2019 academic year as we are constructing a new campus for the future years. This campus will be made accessible via the metro.


The International Relations office team will be your main correspondants leading up to and during your time in Spain. The main contact person will be Alejandra de Miguel Jones who is located at the Cordoba campus.

For contact information of the international team, please visit the International Relations page.


The university does not offer residential services therefore there are no dormitories where students will be assigned for their stay.

Majority of international students partake in sharing an apartment with fellow students organized through external organizations. The International Relations office can assist students in finding and arranging their living situation however it is the student who is responsible.

If there are students interested in finding a host family to live with, the International Relations office can assist with this arrangement as well. Please review this page which contains further information of accommodation in Seville.


Visa Requirements

In order to enter Spain and study for the academic year, students must obtain the proper Long-Term Stay Student Visa.

For the full list of requirements and steps students must take, please visit the local consulate´s website.

An example of Visa requirements can be found here from the Spanish consulate in Chicago (Oct. 2018).

Generally students will be required to obtain the following documents in order to obtain their visa:

  •  Passport
  • Completed Application Form
  • Passport Photo
  • Acceptance Letter(s)
  • Background Check(s)
    • Both Foreign and Domestic
    • For more information on Apostilles visit the FAQ page
  • Finance Records
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Records
  • Visa Processing Fee

This is not a complete list of requirements as students must consulate their local consulates for full list.

Your Visa must be stamped upon arrival to Europe and will only be valid for 90 days. Please see Residence Card page under the section, “When Arriving”.


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