Jobs While Abroad

Tutoring/Babysitting: There will be opportunities to connect with local families who are looking for a language tutor or babysitter. These opportunities are not guaranteed however students seeking for a family to tutor should contact the International Relations Office

Internship in Spain: Universidad Loyola has an Employment Department located on-campus who can assist students in preparing their resumes and translating them into the Spanish version of a CV. If a student wishes to conduct an internship nationally once the academic year finishes, they should contact the Employment Department directly within the first semester. Please note: Students wishing to participate in a Spanish internship will need intermediate-high Spanish language abilities. A minimum B1 level is recommended.

Non-Affiliated Scholarships

Universidad Loyola does not currently offer any scholarships to students. Any financial aid and/or scholarships received through the home university must be handled through the home university.

In the International Relations Office, we cannot control how financial aid and/or scholarships are applied therefore we ask that you have this conversation with your home university prior to leaving.

While we do not offer scholarships, past students have been independently awarded through the following programs:

>Benjamin A. Gilman


Unless you are originally a student from Universidad Loyola, your tuition will be paid to your home university according to their rates.

In order to understand your tuition, please talk to your home university and understand the agreement they have with Universidad Loyola

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