Immersion Process

Universidad Loyola looks forward to all that our international students bring to campus with the intent to provide an exchange of Spanish culture from us!

In order to immerse students in the Spanish lifestyle we provide a number of opportunities to learn and participate. Our first step of this process is through a program we call Loyola 360°. This organization is our on campus group that aids in organizing fun events to unite students and oversees the Buddy Program which is the first introduction an international student has to a fellow Spanish student.

During our Welcome Session we conduct an orientation to continue the proccess of integration. This includes time to meet other international students, buddies, and participate in an introductory language course. The session takes place on school grounds to familiarize students with the campus and our faculty and staff.

And of course, students will be offered ways to get involved through various clubs and activities that happen throughout the year so always stay tuned to the announcements from the International Relations Office!


Loyola 360° Buddy Program

Our 360° buddy program is meant to connect you with a student who will act as your buddy for or turn to whenever you need help to answer questions or need a friend! The buddy, a student from Loyola University, will be paired with you before your arrival to ask you if there are any questions you have.

The buddies will reach out to you a few weeks prior to your arrival. If you do not receive an email from a buddy and would like one, please submit an email to the international relations office. For further information regarding Loyola 360° please refer to Loyola 360.

Spanish Orientation
During our Welcome Session we will offer a free intensive Spanish course. This course, being intensive, will include blocks of three to three and a half hour long classes that will take place during the orientation.

In order to best match the current Spanish level a student may have to the corresponding course, we will conduct a placement exam which will be integrated into the Welcome Session schedule.

Once these courses conclude during the orientation period, students will be given the option to continue taking a Spanish course during their stay. While typically these programs come as an additional cost, they are complimentary for Dual students.

Information on how to register will be provided during the orientation Spanish classes. More information can be found from our language department

Welcome Session

The Welcome Session, or International Student Orientation, is our way of saying hello! This is a great time for you to meet some of our staff, such as the International Relations team, and the rest of your comrades studying abroad from our 200 plus partner schools.

During the session we will provide an introduction to the university and our policies as well as conduct the language placement exam, a few activities with snacks, and give you an opportunity to ask any last questions you have.

As it is considered a crucial element to your immersion here in Seville, attendance to this session is mandatory for all our international students therefore please plan your arrival to Seville accordingly. This session will take place the first week before the start of classes.

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