When Arriving


Papers to Bring to Loyola

In order to complete registration, please bring with you any and all documents which the consulate has requested. These documents should be original where possible (ex. Passport) however copies of every document should be with you upon arrival in Seville.

An additional color passport-sized photo will be needed to issue your university ID card.


During the summer, the International Office will send an email requesting that your registration be completed however as a Dual participant, the finalization of registration will not take place until you are on campus in the fall.

While registering on campus, we will ask for you to present the following documents:

  • Background Checks
  • Passport
  • Passport Photo (x2)
  • Medical Insurance Card (Letter)

Please have a copy of your background check(s), passport, and medical insurance card (letter) to turn in to Loyola University. These should not be your only copies as the university will not return these copies to you.

Registration will most likely not occur until after the start of classes, please go to your classes as scheduled as you will be in the classes provided in your schedule.

In order to find the class schedule, please see the How To page. The fields you will need to enter are as followed:

  • Tipo de Titulación: Grado
  • Titulaciones: Chicago´s Management Program Incoming
Residence Card

Once you have received your Spanish Long Term Student Visa from the consulate, you may be notified or notice that the visa has an expiration date of 3 months. This is not an error, the Visa is made for the year of your studies however there are a few supplementary steps you will have to take once in Spain.

  1. Initial visit: Office of Foreigners (Oficina de Extranjeros)-Plaza de España
  2. Return the requested documentation and have your fingerprints taken
  3. Pick-up your residence card

This process must be started as soon as possible when in Spain. Universidad Loyola will make a group appointment therefore please contact them to know more information about when the group appointment will be.

You will receive your card 1.5-2 months after your arrival in Spain.

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