Why study Criminology?

The Degree in Criminology from Loyola University has clearly distinguishing elements that make it especially attractive:

  • First of all, due to the existence of the majors or specialties, that allow students to become specialists in the areas of Psychological Intervention or International Crime.
  • In second place, the offer of Criminology as a dual degree with Law and with Psychology allows students to obtain a dual degree that increases the possibilities of entering into new and specific professional areas.
  • A third point to highlight is that in the last year of the degree there are 24 ECTS credits in English, the traditional language for criminological studies.
  • In fourth place is the great importance attributed to the clear profile of social intervention that characterizes the configuration of the Criminology syllabus, with subjects oriented to understanding social issues, and practical interventions to resolve them.
  • Fifth and finally, and characterizing Loyola University, a relevant importance is assigned to educating in values, as well as in the acquisition of dialectical abilities and humanistic formation.

What is also of utmost importance is the internship period, linked to employability, and which is agreed upon with relevant public and private institutions.

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