Why study the Economics Degree?

To really understand today’s world, it is absolutely necessary to know the economic ties that bind people, companies, institutions, organizations and countries. Global markets are an undeniable reality, reinforced by new communication technologies and transport as well as financial tools.  The current crisis has underlined the risks but also the opportunities that arise in an environment like today’s.  Institutions, governments and the academic world must cooperate and generate proposals and measures to help improve our economic situation.

Graduates in Economics are prepared to work in the institutional world where an international perspective and the knowledge of languages are basic elements.  The study of Economics has a clearly scientific focus.  It deals with developing a vision of society in which elements of a mathematical nature combine with humanistic aspects

The Degree in Economics from Loyola University provides a solid foundation that enables a graduate to work in different areas:  Analysis, Consultancy, Think-Tanks, and Policy Markets, as well as to access departments in public and private universities as professors.

Students will be able to participate in academic exchanges in the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America, contributing that international perspective that is so important in the field of Economics.

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