Transfer credit recognition

Under the Royal Decree 1393/2007 and in the General Academic Regulation of Loyola University, a system to recognize and transfer credits is established under the terms dictated by the aforementioned RD, replacing the adaptation and validation system which applies in the degrees regulated according to previous regulations.

The same RD 1393/2007, Article 6, states imperatively that Universities draw up and make public their regulations on the system of recognition and transfer of credits, to encourage the mobility of students.

To comply with this provision, in view of the criteria already established in the General Academic Regulation for Bachelor degrees and within the Rules of Organization and Operation of the University, having complied with the mandatory procedures , the legislation was passed in RD 861/2010, July 2nd, which establishes recognition of credits for official university studies under RD 1393/2007, and which should be contemplated in the
Regulatory framework that covers Undergraduate Degree studies in our University.

Regulations for credit recognition and transfer.

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