Career Prospects

Graduates with the Early Childhood Education Degree can be teachers of children from 0 to 6 years of age in public, State-subsidized and private centers, where they can also find employment as  secretaries, chiefs of studies or directors.
They can also work as teachers in non-formal educational centers or institutions (shelters, prison facilities, further education centers, academies, sociocultural centers, museums, zoos, parks, theaters, juvenile centers, training academies, NGOs, etc.).
Graduates will be prepared to set up their own: Early Childhood centers, playroom centers, business organizing outside free-time activities for schools or tutoring academies.  In this sense, Loyola University also offers subjects from the Business Administration and Management Degree that will allow students to become well-versed in this environment.
Graduate in Early Childhood Education will be qualified to design, develop and elaborate educative and informative material as well as auxiliary elements for the teaching profession and educational research.

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