For the Degree in Early Childhood Education, Loyola University provides its students with the possibility of doing internships in external companies and institutions.  The external internships are managed by the Service of Employability and Entrepreneurship which coordinates all the processes and activities leading to the correct development of these internships, which are regulated by existing legislation and the internal regime which complements it.
The internships programmed in the curriculum are based, in great part, on the agreements being reached with FERE-CECA and Education and Management, so that its members take our students into their educational centers, Education and Management is the majority association of State-subsidized private school education in Spain, while FERE-CECA  is the group of those heading Catholic educational centers.
The information about internships will be published before the beginning of the course, specifying the name of the teaching center, its geographical location, the name of the students, tasks to be carried out, the duration, starting date, the tutor responsible and contact data about the company.

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