Why study Bilingual Degree in Primary Education?

In today’s society it is important to have professionals that understand the educational needs of children, as well as the vital contexts surrounding them, so as to collaborate with family education.

Graduates in Primary Education develop the expertise required to educate with creativity, responsibility and communication skills.  Students in the Primary Education Degree will be able to understand the complexity of education through different sciences that converge in this field, to be able to detect and solve problems as well as plan, carry out and evaluate innovative projects to help transform the educative reality of our society and give children an integral education.

By the same token, graduates in Bilingual Primary Education from Loyola University are versatile professionals, able to perform in different environments: the school, family, government, counseling, hospitals, cultural centers, welfare services, research, communication media, etc.

Students will be able to participate in academic exchanges in the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America. This degree enables them to further language learning from the very first year of study, since their classes are bilingual.

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