Career Prospects

The sectors of simulator development and videogame design are especially attractive in terms of employment and potential expansion.
The video gaming industry has become the most important entertainment sector in the first decade of the 21st century, surpassing investments only previously found in films. This has reached the point where the most important launch historically of a video game with a budget over 500 million dollars is higher than any other entertainment budget found in the sector.
The technology used in videogames is not merely limited to the entertainment sector, but opens a wider, more intense path in other sectors where visual abilities and hand-eye coordination are relevant.
We can find video gaming technologies in flight simulators, apps to prepare machinery handling, training programs for medicine and surgery, driving software, training systems for engineers (ITS-PLC), tools for special effects in films (as seen in the case of the Spanish company Next Limit, often seen in Hollywood) among others.
It is also necessary to recognize the fact that simulation technologies are more and more commonly used in industrial product design and in business and logistical models.

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