Why should you study Computer Engineering and Information Technology?

The profession of computer engineering began in the 90’s in our country. Until 1996, it was grouped under science degrees since it was taught at universities as an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Sciences. This denomination reflected the scientific character of computer sciences while not mentioning the fundamental and growing role of these professionals in productive sectors.

In the 90`s, these functions became more universal in every sector and it was rare to find any modern company, no matter how small, that did not count on computer engineers. The jobs done by these engineers, which were previously associated with personal abilities or talent only known to a select few, are becoming more standardized with protocol at the same rhythm as information technologies. As a consequence, the profession of Engineers in Information Technology has been incorporated into engineering degrees and procedures, as well as the resource and product management shared with other older professions.

The future for Computer Engineers is quite bright as their employability is one of the highest in our country, reaching 94% of the Undergraduate degrees and 100% of the Master’s according to the Federal Council of Engineering Deans based on data from 2013. However, the access of these students to the work force and the quality of employment in such a wide field can be improved if their competencies are correctly channeled into a concrete sector without sacrificing their general engineering base.

Two of the sectors linked by shared technology are the development of simulators and video game design, which are especially attractive in terms of employability and potential expansion. They are excellent candidates for a certain degree of specialization that can make the best use of the common knowledge base provided by computer engineering.

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