Why study Electromechanical Engineering?

The Degree in Electromechanical Engineering from Loyola University was the first in its history and has a great tradition in the Society of Jesus (ICAI).

It has two alternative specialties: Mechanical and Electrical.

  • Mechanical Engineering is carried out in mainly two areas: the calculation and construction of machinery, with work prospects in very consolidated sectors like automation, transport, industrial production and energy generation.
  • Electrical Engineering deals with the efficient generation, distribution (lines and networks) and consumption of electrical energy, including applications like renewables, automation, self-consumption, certification of energy efficiency and distributed generation, all of which are highly topical and sources for generating employment.

In this degree, there are not only electrical or mechanical subjects, but also subjects in all the areas of Industrial Engineering: automation, industrial organization, energy, electronics, etc. Students can directly access the Master’s in Industrial Engineering to obtain the professional competencies of an Industrial Engineer.

Furthermore, the undergraduate degree in itself confers the competencies of Technical Mechanical or Electrical Engineer, according to the alternative chosen.

Why study in the Industrial Engineering Program?

Industrial Engineering is a successful profession that enjoys wide renown in our country, as well as having numerous regulated competencies. Its versatility enables professionals in Industrial Engineering to carry out many and diversified roles in both the private sector as well as in public administration.

Thanks to their transversal training, professionals in Industrial Engineering who have enough experience can aspire to managerial roles within companies.

The profession of engineering, in general, is very international and recognized abroad, which is why professionals in this field often form part of global institutions.

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