Why study the Dual Economics + International Relations Degree?

In a globalized society characterized by a multinational and intercultural environment, it becomes increasingly important to achieve an international profile. This degree offers the possibility of obtaining two undergraduate degrees over only five years’ time, with a thorough understanding of Economics and International Relations.  Graduates in Economy and International Relations from Loyola University achieve a versatile profile that gives them the capacity to analyze and understand the complex world of relationships between countries.

Graduates in Economics and International Relations possess the necessary qualifications: to properly interlink economics and its role in society, as well as to reflect on economic problems from a global perspective while solving them at local level; and to assume high degrees of responsibility in foreign affairs of State and international organisms.

Thanks to the cross-training in their education, graduates in Economics and International Relations become experts in analyzing and resolving problems in any type of situation in global environments. This degree enables them to practice the learning of languages from the very first year of study, since some of their subjects are taught in English. This eminently practical dual degree offers a multidisciplinary plan of studies: business management, international relations, economics, law and politics.

Students can participate in academic exchanges in the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America.

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