Career Prospects

Graduates in the International Relations Degree have a wide range of possibilities for employment in many different types of sectors. If we also include the job possibilities offered by the European Union, which only citizens of member states have access to, there is an even higher potential for employment.
On the other hand graduates in International Relations could also develop professionally in other sectors, both public (State and Regional Public Administrations, universities and research centers), and private (transnational businesses, international consultancies, private universities and research centers, business schools, etc.), as well as in Third Sector organizations (International NGOs and Think-tanks, among others).   Through the job offers in the sectors mentioned, three great professional areas can be identified that could correspond to the profile of an International Relations Graduate:

   International Law and Diplomacy: Graduates can carry out professional activities in both public and private sectors. Diplomatic or consular activity is one of the main career prospects; to this can be added professional development in international law firms; intergovernmental organizations; organisms with external projection; consultancy and legal counseling firms; cultural managers of institutions abroad.

Economy and International Companies: Graduates can carry out professional activities basically in the private sector.  International managers, analysts and assessors in multinationals and entities with business expansion plans abroad.

Foreign and Security Policy: They can carry out professional activities that are oriented toward profiles relevant in the current global political agenda related to peace and  international security: consultants, managers and technicians in intergovernmental organisms, international agencies and think-tanks; analysts in information, intelligence and counter-intelligence services; journalists specialized in international news and international war correspondents; mediators and observers of international conflicts; consultants and assessors in international policy and defense.

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