The Internship program in Loyola University aims to incorporate our students progressively into the labor market.  It provides them with their first professional experience where they can apply the knowledge they have acquired, and it allows them to start designing their own curriculum vitae.
100% of our students finish their internships with a high degree of satisfaction.

Loyola University has over 3,000 internship agreements with firms that range from local companies to multinationals.

Each year a growing number of internships end in the hiring of our students.

 The internships are managed by the Service of Employability and Entrepreneurship which coordinates all the processes and activities leading to the correct development of these internships, which are regulated by existing legislation and the internal regime which complements it.  The Employability Service will organize the internships of students in the International Relations Degree through these three channels:

Framework of Collaboration agreements signed by Loyola University itself.  Below you can find a representative example of companies and institutions that are available to us for our student internships:

  • ABB_ASEA Brown Boveri
  • Fumigación Aérea Andaluza, S.A. (FAASA)
  • Accenture
  • Grupo Puma, S.A
  • Aceitunas Torrent, S.L.
  • Holcim España, S.L.
  • Almazaras de la Subbetica
  • LG Electronics
  • Almendras Francisco Morales, S.A.
  • Maersk España, S.A.
  • Alvear S.A.
  • SMURFIT-Stone Container España
  • Asociacion Espñola de Fabricantes de Joyería
  • San Eloy
  • SOS-Cuetara
  • Asociación Provincial de Joyeros
  • Vodafone SAU
  • Atlantic Copper
  • Ernst&Young
  • Bodegas Gonzalez
  • Byass
  • KPMG
  • Bodegas Toro Albalá
  • Pwc
  • Casa-Eads Management Solutions
  • CEPSA Refineria Gibraltar San Roque
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Covap
  • Viajes El Corte Inglés
  • Cunext
  • Copper Industries
  • Heineken
  • Danone, S.A.
  • Fundación Etea para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación
  • Deloitte, S.L.
  • Grupo Hojiblanca
  • Grupo J. García Carrión
  • Ferrovial.

Framework of Collaboration agreements signed by the Foundation of ETEA with respect to Loyola University.  Below there is a representative example of companies and institutions available to us for our student internships: The Consortium Association for Cooperation; The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (Technical Offices for cooperation in developing countries); Intermon Oxfam: Intercultural Foundation.

       Furthermore, there are occasional collaboration agreements with the following institutions: The United Nations Program for Development (PNUD), both in the Art-Gold program framework and in the Art-Bolivia program; the Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Cooperation; Central American Strategy for Rural Territorial Development; Central American System of Integration.

Periodic follow-up of the calls for internships that are offered by international organizations and multinational companies in their job placement services.  Examples: the United Nations; ACNUR; UNESCO; UNICEF; UNIDROIT; FMI; OTAN; OCDE; International Penal Tribunal; OMC; World Bank; Amnesty International; the European Parliament; the European Commission; EUROPOL; the EU Institute for Security Studies; multinational companies (Coca-Cola,  Santander Group, Unilever, GP Morgan).
To be eligible for company internships, it is necessary to have passed at least 75% of the credits of the subjects in the first three courses (which include all of those corresponding to the complete Basic Training of each degree). In order to register for the Internships of each degree.

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