Why study the International Relations Degree?

In the current international situation, it is becoming increasingly important be able to count on professionals who understand  international dynamics in their full breadth and complexity , as well as the ethical and civic implications involved in the exercise of their profession.
Studying International Relations is to study international reality, through a rigorous and systematic analysis of the tendencies that affect the world situation.  All of this is in order to elaborate strategies and alternatives for problem-solving.  

Graduates in International Relations develop the necessary competencies to understand International Relations as well as the defining elements and the dynamic results of actions taken in the international framework.
The degree in International Relations enables graduates to be consultants, managers and experts in foreign fields of action, international businesses, international cooperation, security and defense, according to the criteria and requirements established internationally for these professional activities.

Furthermore, graduates in International Relations from Loyola University are versatile professionals who study areas like international law, politics, economy or business, with an important grounding in languages.
Students can participate in academic exchanges in the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America.
 This dual degree enables them to further their language learning from the very first year of study, since some of their subjects are given in English.

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