Why study the Dual Business Administration + Law Degree?

This degree offers the possibility of obtaining two undergraduate degrees in only five years’ time, with a deep knowledge of ADE and Law.  Graduates in Business Administration and Law in Loyola University enjoy a versatile profile that multiplies career prospects related to corporate management and the practice of Law.

Graduates in the dual Business Administration and Law have the necessary qualifications to be in charge of highly responsible positions in companies, financial entities and public administrations.

Thanks to the cross-training aspects in our education, the graduates in ADE and Law with experience do not find it difficult to reach executive positions within companies. The profession of ADE with Law in general enjoys a high degree of internationalization and recognition abroad, which is why its professionals often form part of global institutions.

The dual degree, eminently practical, allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to the real world of the labor market from the very first year of their studies, so that they acquire very real experience right from the outset of their training.

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