Career Prospects

The Law Degree is one of the most versatile university degrees with respect to career opportunities, allowing graduates to dedicate  themselves  to the following professional activities:

Liberal Professions

The former Licenciate in Law, and the current Law Degree have par excellence the free exercise of the attorney as a profession, that not only covers the defense of individuals in court, but also extends its influence daily to providing professional advice in the fields of business, finance, urbanism, insurance, etc.

In the same sphere of intervention as the courts of Justice and the management of processes is found the independent profession of Court Attorney.

And we can also mention other closed professions found within the field of action of Graduates in Law: Administrative Manager, Official Real Estate Broker, Agent of Industrial Property, Administrator of Real Estate, etc.


With growing frequency, employees with legal studies are being incorporated into businesses, and not only in legal advisory roles or tasks. They are also in any other department that needs qualified people with analytical skills and decision-making capacity, such as: Human Resources Directors, Heads of Personnel, Heads of Administration, private company Administrators, Labor and Legal Advisors, etc.

Public Authorities and Local Governments

Quite a high percentage of Law Graduates are admitted to positions offered by different Public Authorities and Local Governments in general, through the corresponding civil-service competitive exams that are convened.

The possibilities cover a wide spectrum, the most relevant being: State judicial functions (Judges and Magistrates, Prosecutors and Court Clerks and the different bodies of Judicial Management, Proceedings and Assistance), positions advising and collaborating in constitutional organs (Legal Advisers to Courts, the Constitutional Tribunal, the State Counsel, the Court of Audits), Public Trust and Registers (public exams for Notaries or Land and Commercial Registries), other bodies in State Administration (State Attorneys Corps, Diplomats, Tax Inspectors, Labor Inspectors, etc.) in Local and Regional Governments (Administration Counsel, Legislative Assembly Counsel, State Corps Technicians, City Hall Secretaries and  Auditors, etc.) and reference can also be made to the civil servant positions in the European Union, which any Graduate in Spanish Law with the necessary language skills can aspire to.

Research and university education

Graduates in Law who have their Ph.D and pass the corresponding civil service exam, can also access a position of professor in the university

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