Why study Law?

The Law Degree is one of the most versatile university degrees as far as career prospects are concerned, in both law practice as well as other areas.  This degree enables its graduates to work in different legal areas, such as in the practice of law, as attorney-at-law, judiciaries, notaries, registries or in diplomatic careers.

The Law Degree is also an ideal training basis for those wishing to engage in the management of other companies or organizations, since combined with a graduate degree, it prepares for work in Company Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Insurance, Banking, the Stock Market, etc. In addition, the Law Degree allows professionals to participate in legal, tax, governmental, research and teaching assessment.

Law is a discipline that not only seeks to explain the whys and wherefores of things, but also tries to find the logic behind the main issues and challenges facing the human being. For this reason, it helps to develop skills and aptitudes that are very useful in life, like the ability to: analyze; to search for solutions to complex problems by applying the Law combined with the principles of justice and fairness; to improve the ability for self-expression and oral and written argumentation as well as Rhetoric and Oratory.

Loyola University collaborates with important national and international law firms, so that students can do internships in leading companies.  It is a practical career that allows an understanding of the labor market during the learning stage. Students can participate in academic exchanges in the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States Asia and South America.

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