Career Prospects

The Degree in Psychology from Loyola University focuses on covering the needs and demands of the labor market. We are facing a complex labor situation marked by great flexibility and the intensive use of new technologies. For this reason, the circumstances as well as the variety of professional opportunities related to the main aspects of human behavior are what have been considered of major importance in the design and development of the syllabus.

Students in Psychology will have the opportunity to develop the required competencies for adequately diagnosing and intervening in different areas of human behavior:

  • Clinical Psychology can be exercised in hospitals and mental health centers, in different types of specialized centers and in private offices and practices.
  • School Psychology offers Educational Psychology and orientation in educational and teaching centers, as well as in centers of special education.
  • Occupational or Labor Psychology is fundamental in Human Resources departments in companies.
  • At the same time, Social Psychology is specifically for interventions with minors at social risk, drug addicts, battered women, people with addictive conduct, attention to older people and the elderly, ethnical minorities, etc.
  • On the other hand, forensic and legal Psychology in legal settings deals with assessment in legal processes, and enabling and advising the police, criminalists or other official public security personnel in order to provide relevant psychological information for the criminal profiling of alleged perpetrators of offences.
  • Sports Psychology involves educational centers, High Performance sports centers, sports teams, health centers and recreational and free time centers.
  • The professional in Psychology also studies consumers’ conduct, the power and repercussions of Marketing, as well as the influence of publicity on people’s final behavior. It is growing more frequent to rely on psychologists to collaborate in Marketing departments and publicity agencies.

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