Why study Psychology?

Psychology is the science that studies human behavior, its conduct, its personality traits and its development in differing settings throughout life. By strengthening different areas of Psychology like that of Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Basic and Experimental Psychology, the students will become professionals with expertise in how to understand, interpret, analyze and explain human behavior, and have competencies and basic skills to evaluate and intervene in the individual and social environment throughout the life cycle, in order to promote and improve the health and life quality of individuals.

The curriculum in Psychology in Loyola University has an eminently practical outlook with a broad sphere of interaction in the professional world. Thus, research internships as well as professional intervention are obligatory and various elective subjects are offered in conjunction with all the existing career opportunities today, such as: in clinics; schools; occupational, social, community, forensic and judicial intervention; in sports and communication and marketing.

Furthermore, the interdisciplinary aspects of its contents allow our Degree in Psychology to combine with studies in Criminology, with which it has great synergies, giving rise to a double itinerary that leads to obtaining a dual degree.

The value of Loyola University is found within the individual, which is why its training focuses on procuring for the students a personal and profound learning experience in small groups and personalized tutorials. Foremost is the use of an active and participative methodology that is also practical and based on evidence, and that introduces the student into a type of learning where he himself is the protagonist.

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