Exam Day

What do I need?

To be able to take your exam, it is obligatory that you take these two ESSENTIAL documents with you to the exam:

Official Identification Document. The following are accepted:

  • National Identity Document (DNI)
  • Passport
  • Foreign Identification Document (NIE)
  • Driving Permit with Photograph

Confirmation of Entry (COE) printed: this is the document that contains all the exam planning (dates, schedules, classrooms, etc), and that you will receive directly from Cambridge to the email address that you specify when you register. You must bring it printed (it will not be admitted in any type of electronic support, mobile phones, computers, etc).

If a candidate attends the exam without one of these two objects, he/she will not be allowed to take the exam under any circumstances.

The examining center provides all the necessary materials for the examination (pen, pencil, eraser, paper when appropriate). However, the candidate may take some exam materials authorized by Cambridge. Below you will see a list of authorized and unauthorized materials:

Authorized materials:

  • Ballpoint pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers, fluorescent markers, pencil sharpeners
  • Water in transparent plastic bottle without the label
  • Medicines
  • Tissues

Unauthorized materials:

  •  Any type of electronic device: mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, e-books, laptops, recording devices, audio players, etc.
  •  Dictionaries
  •  Notes
  •  Paper
  •  Liquid / correction tape
  •  Erasable ink pens
  •  Bags, handbags or luggage
  •  Food or drink other than water in a transparent plastic bottle
Examination procedure

Before the exam:

  • Examination planning: about two weeks before the written exam date (one week before for computer-based exams) you will receive an email directly from Cambridge with all the planning of your exam: oral and written exam dates (usually different), schedules, classrooms where they will be held, etc.
  • Check the schedules and the classrooms: carefully check through the information that is provided and make sure you know the location of the classroom and the area.

The day of the exam:

  • You must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the exam (both on the day of the written exam and the oral exam). In case of late arrival, the supervisor will tell you if you can enter the exam or not. Normally, you are not allowed enter the exam if you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start time.
  • As indicated in the section: What do I need?, all electronic devices are strictly prohibited during the entire duration of the exam, including breaks between the different parts. Therefore, we recommend not bringing them to the examination, and in the case of doing so, the examining center will provide spaces where they can be stored, but under no circumstances will they be responsible for them.
  • The day of the oral examination, you must go to the place you are notified to go to (this will appear in the Confirmation of Entry, it can be a classroom or an area enabled and signed waiting area), and wait there for the administration staff of the exam to let you know when your turn comes. They will provide you with all the information you may need.
  • On the day of the written exam you must go to the classroom listed in your Confirmation of Entry, and wait outside for the supervisor to announce that the candidates can enter the classroom.

After the exam:

You must register in the Online Results Service to be able to see your results once they are published. If you have registered, Cambridge English will send you an email as soon as the results are published.

The information needed to register at Cambridge Results Service will appear in the bottom left corner of your Confirmation of Entry.

Our Campuses

For more information on our campuses please see this link. 

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