Results and certificates

Results and certificates

In the Confirmation of Entry (COE) document that you receive a few weeks before the exam, the date on which the results will be available and the keys (ID Number and Secret Number) with which to register to access them appear on the bottem left corner. In this registration process you must create a password that will allow you to access the results. You can also request that they send you an email informing you of the publication thereof.

If you have taken the paper-based exam, the results are available on the internet at from between four to six weeks after the exam, while the results of the computer-based exams are available from between two to three weeks after the exam. If you need us to provide you with a provisional certificate while you wait for your Official Certificate, you can request it in the   by specifying your name and surname as well as the examination taken. The cost of the provisional certificate is € 15.

Interpretation of results

As of January 2015 Cambridge English presents the results on the Cambridge English Scale. This scale is a scoring system that covers a wide range of language skills and will help you to understand more clearly the results obtained in the Cambridge certificates and to compare your skills as you progress to higher levels.

The Cambridge English Scale score, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, collects scores between 80 and 230. Each level of the CEFR covers 20 points on the Cambridge English Scale.

Escala Cambridge

The report of results of each Cambridge English exam will include, with the implementation of the Cambridge English Scale, the points obtained in each of the four skills that evaluate these certificates: expression and written comprehension and oral expression and comprehension, in addition to the "Use of English". Likewise, it will include the total score obtained from the average of the five individual scores.

What are the advantages of this new way of scoring?

  • The results appear more detailed: candidates receive a score for each skill, in addition to a global score.
  • They are simple and coherent.
  • The performance on the exam can be easily checked and compared: the adequacy of the Cambridge exams to the CEFR, the IELTS and each other is very clear. The results on the scale also gives a better understanding of the candidate's progression from one exam to the next.

Results Verification Service

If you want a university, company or any other organization to verify your results, you must provide the information included in your Statement of Results and two additional elements:

  • Your ID Number (a sequence of 9 letters and numbers).
  • Your secret number (a four-digit number)

You will find both numbers in your Confirmation of Entry, which you will receive when you register for the exam. The results can be accessed from 

Collection of certificates

The Certificate is issued a few weeks later and you must collect it, personally or through an authorized person, at Loyola Idiomas Office, at Campus Palmas Altas, if you did the exam in Seville or at the ETEA Campus, if you did it in Córdoba. You will receive an email indicating that your certificate os ready for collection. If you enrolled through a Preparatory Center, you must pick up your certificate there.

Loss of certificates

If you have lost your certificate, you can request a document accrediting your level of English (Cambridge does not duplicate the Certificate) from Cambridge English paying the amount pre-established by Cambridge. It is therefore extremely important that you keep your certificates in a safe place as they are unique and valuable documents.

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