What makes us different?

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Loyola Idiomas is characterized by:

  • Seriousness, rigor and recognition as a university center. We aim for excellence in all our activities. That is why we take our students’ language learning very seriously and apply this seriousness and rigor in our daily tasks: with the students and their active participation in language learning; with the teachers in their role of providing input, moderators, evaluators, etc.; in the very methodologies used and with ourselves.
  • Experience and the academic training of teachers, together with research of quality.  The professional careers of our teachers- native or bilingual- have involved teaching in the university, so their educational background, their working methods and their research in different fields related to language learning are present in all the activities in our center.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to different audiences. Our experience and knowledge in this field allow us to adapt to the different groups our students form part of.
  • Internationalization. A network of international contacts with universities abroad that allows us to engage in exchange activities and linguistic immersion.
  • Eclectic Methodology. We select the most appropriate teaching tools to respond to our different types of students.
  • Language teaching with cutting-edge technology. The classrooms are fully designed and equipped for language teaching. In all the classes, the students are taught with the latest technology.
  • Alliances with other institutions of international prestige  such as Cambridge Assessment English Examinations and SIELE, which permit us to offer our students an accreditation for their languages that is objective and recognized worldwide.
  • Training in intercultural competencies. Mastering a language perfectly does not imply that one is able to successfully deal with multicultural environments. We also have to be culturally competent, that is, be familiar with those cultural values particular to a group, and be able to establish relationships with its members.

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