SUDOKET Project aims to enhance research capacities and solutions development based on KETs for innovative buildings (IB) in Universities and R&D centres, and promote the creation of links and synergies between builders, manufacturers, designers and technologist, which will contribute to an improvement of the quality and the competitiveness of the IB in Europe.

Following this objective, SUDOKET project will develop two online information system:

  • KETpedia, to disseminate technical state of the art of IB in KETs.
  • KETcluster, for mapping of the different actors, and projects and partnerships promotion between them.

Moreover, SUDOKET Project will deploy four pilot facilities in France, Spain and Portugal, that will allow the experimental validation of advanced technologies performance used in construction, power supply and operation of the IB and will demonstrate the viability under real operating conditions, building industry confidence.

SUDOKET project contribute to enhance technological growth and lead of Europe in the IB sector trough transnational approach and the value chain actors’ interaction.

  • Title: Mapping, consolidation and dissemination of the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for construction sector in SUDOE area (SOE2/PI/EO677).
  • Funding organism: Project funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)..
  • Coordinator: Fundación Universidad Loyola University
  • Duration: 01/04/2018 – 30/09/2021




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