Master’s in Research Methods in Economics and Business Sciences

The Master’s degrees in Research are essential for the comprehensive preparation needed for access to the Doctorate, since they offer: specialized training applied to the design and development of models that study decision-making situations in any setting, and the use of advanced methodologies and techniques for social research.

Concretely, the Master’s in Research Methods in Economics and Business Sciences in the University Loyola Andalucía, trains and enables people to do research, analyze, extract, quantify and draw conclusions in an objective way and in a wide range of fields, through the research methods currently used in the field of international research.

The Master’s in Research Methods in Economic and Business Sciences is an official program especially designed to prepare graduates to:

  • Gain admittance to the Doctoral Program
  • Gain admittance to a teaching and research career in public and private organizations.

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Alfonso Carlos Martínez Estudillo


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