Title Hybrid Control Law for a Three-Level NPC Rectifier
Authors Hadjeras, S., Albea Sanchez, C., GÓMEZ-ESTERN AGUILAR, FABIO, Gordillo, F., Garcia, G., IEEE, GÓMEZ-ESTERN AGUILAR, FABIO
External publication No
Means Eur. Control Conf., ECC
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Area International
Publication date 01/01/2019
ISI 000490488300046
Abstract In this article, a hybrid control law is proposed for the three-phase three-level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) converter working as a rectifier in order to regulate the output DC voltage. The control problem deals with the unbalance capacitor voltages as well as the phase currents. The proposed algorithm is based on the Hybrid Dynamical System theory, which takes into account the hybrid nature of the NPC converter, i.e., the continuous and discrete dynamics, ensuring uniform global asymptotic stability of the operating point. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm is validated in simulation.
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