Title The Poetic Art in Romance Castellano (1580) by Miguel Sanchez de Lima and the mandatory Spanish poetics of Italian influence of the late sixteenth century
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Publication date 01/04/2018
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DOI 10.1007/s11061-017-9542-8
Abstract The first poetic principles that organized and fixed the new way of doing poetry in Spanish-both in their maxims and in their uses-did not appear in the Iberian Peninsula until almost the last two decades of the sixteenth century. However, this fact does not imply that the Spanish poets were not caught up in the new winds of change, which it started during the Thirties of the same century in Italy, just the opposite. Therefore, some normative texts, which seek to explain and systematize the new poetic regulation, just all in Spanish instead of in Latin, begin to diffidently appear from 1580. El Arte Po,tica en Romance Castellano (1580), by the Portuguese poet Miguel Sanchez de Lima, is one of the first attempts that tries to justify and set up the new literary precepts of the moment, in contrast to the old medieval Spanish literary theories.
Keywords 1580; El Arte Poética en Romance Castellano; Miguel Sánchez de Lima; Poetics; Renaissance
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