Psycho-Educational and Social Attention

The Service for Psycho-Educational and Social Attention (SAPES) is attached to the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs of Loyola Universidad Andalusia. It consists of Teaching and Research Staff and aims to provide all members of the community, especially students in undergraduate degrees, with information, advice and training in their personal, social and academic settings.  In this sense, this Service offers the following on the Campuses in Seville and Cordoba:

  • Advice and appropriate psychopedagogical measures for the students' needs.
  • A selection of specific activities regarding academic development:  study habits and techniques, stress control, anxiety and fear of public speaking...
  • Improved relations of students with disabilities and their academic environment, managing diversity and minimizing the impact of situations associated with disability.
How to apply?
  • If you are a student

To assign the professional that best suits your requirements, it is essential that you select the area that presents you with the most difficulties: psychological, educational or social. The form to be filled out is totally confidential; only the profession responsible for the area you select will have access to it. You have to be logged in to access this service.

  • If you are in the Teaching and Research (PDI)

You can access these SAPES Services by sending an e-mail to , explaining clearly the reason for consulting.

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