Teaching Coordination

The coordination of teaching is one of the essential elements in the European Space of Higher Education (EEES), because it facilitates the smooth development of the ECTS credit and improvement in teaching processes.

Diversity in areas of expertise, materials and subjects  involved in the training of students, together with the various groups in which teaching is organized and the high number of teachers involved in the process, all demand a well-defined coordination structure that contributes coherence and unity to the process of student training.

Teaching Coordination by Course and Degree

A teaching coordination structure is established, differentiated in levels for each of the degrees that comprise the offer of Loyola University Andalusia.  

Subject Coordination

The Departments are responsible in their material and subjects for following up on the teaching plan, for coordinating and supervising the syllabus of each subject, as well as the study guides, for distributing teaching content adequately, avoiding overlapping and detecting deficiencies.

Coordinator of the Undergraduate Degree

His /Her main job is the coordination of the teaching activity of the degree. The coordination is divided into the following tasks:

  • Carrying out an ongoing evaluation of the plan of studies
  • Analyzing and evaluating the skills of the graduates
  • Analyzing and evaluating the internship program and the effort the students have made in this respect
  • Analyzing and Evaluating Exchange Programs
Coordinator of the course

His /Her main job is: the coordination of the student work load each course and each semester; ensuring an adequate balance each semester and course in student work load, training activities and evaluation systems; coordinating the activities in the different teaching plans that imply student work outside the classroom in all subjects during the course, to avoid any overlapping of activities or excess work load at any particular time during the course

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