The Infrastructure Service of Loyola University Andalusia is the unit responsible for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, as well as for providing and managing complementary and common services, with a strong commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.  Thus, its mission is focused on the optimization of physical as well as human resources, generating and conserving spaces and services that offer the university community optimal conditions for their personal and professional development.

Manuel Molina Trujillo

Director of Infrastructures

Irene Domínguez Martín

Projects and Technical Office

Carlos Pérez del Río

Ana Belén Pérez Zomeño

Mª José Sánchez Álvarez

Head of General Services on Cordoba Campus

Ana Mª Rodríguez Díaz

General Services Seville Campus

Ángel Marín Medina

Concierge Cordoba Campus

Ana Mª Muñiz Ruiz

Reception Cordoba Campus

Francisco Álvarez Hinojosa

Reception Cordoba Campus

Tamara Saco García

Reception Cordoba Campus

Gloria Amaya Palenzuela Hens

Reception Cordoba Campus

Inmaculada Santamaría Planas

Manuel Jesús Galán Corona

Audiovisual specialist technician

María Sabater Sánchez

Reception Seville Campus

Patricia Terry Sainz de Rozas

Reception Seville Campus

Patricia Barragán Camino

Francisco García González

Ordinance Seville Campus

Fernando Arrizabalaga Gómez

Ordinance Cordoba Campus

Francisco Ramírez González

Ordinance Seville Campus

Manuel Cabello Chacón

Ordinance Cordoba Campus

María Concepción Frois López

Dos Hermanas Campus Reception

Javier Morillo Naranjo

Salud Rincón Huerta

Auxiliary Services Cordoba Campus

Antonia Luque Osuna

Auxiliary Services Cordoba Campus