Steps to study in Loyola 

Planning your semester/year abroad in Loyola!! Follow these steps.
  1. Research our University, you will find all the information you may need on our webpage.
  2. Check with your home University the deadlines for applying to an exchange.
  3. Apply for the exchange at your home University.
  4. Once you have been selected by your University, they will nominate you.
  5. You will receive an email from us with your acceptance letter and the application instructions.
  6. Send your application (confirmation that you will indeed come to Loyola).
  7. Check all the information regarding housing, student visa, and classes.
  8. Check your email regularly. We will be sending important information about your exchange.
  9. Arrive at Loyola and have the best experience of your life!


Any questions, send us an email to  


¡We are more than happy to welcome you!