• Loyola University Andalusia pursues excellence: it is a university that is a depository of the educative tradition of The Society of Jesus, internationally renowned for its excellence and demand for quality and for the comprehensive formation of all an individual’s potential.

    • We offer personalized formation: the groups are reduced in number and a personal tutor is assigned to each student from the very first day in order to deal with all concerns and expectations, facilitating information on academic questions and the organization of the degree in question, and following up on academic results in order to be able to suggest how to improve or overcome any problems encountered in the student’s studies.  

    • Our degrees are official: we are the first private university of social initiative in the Andalusian community.  Both our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are officially recognized and valid in in the whole European Area of Higher Education.

    • We are a global university with officially recognized degrees in the United <states thanks to our partnership with Loyola Chicago University.  Furthermore, there are over 300 places for mobility for our students in universities in Europe, Asia, America and Africa and we offer many subjects in English.

    • We foment internships and employment: all of our resources are available to students to help them reach their career goals and offer them job orientation, internships in national and international firms and so we also collaborate with them in finding jobs and setting up their own businesses.

    • And we have a well-endowed program of student aid and grants: Loyola Andalusia is an accessible university.  It has a wide range of student grants and aids – compatible with any other public or private type of subsidy – to ensure that no student who academically complies with requirements will have to abandon their studies for financial reasons.

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