Undergraduate Degrees

The undergraduate Degrees have a workload of 240 ECTS credits to be taken in 8 semesters, reflecting 750 hours of work on the part of the student each semester. Furthermore, internships, languages and the development of skills such as oral communication, team work and leadership, among others, gain recognition through credits.

Loyola University, as an institution promoted by the Society of Jesus, is the repository of the best Jesuit educative tradition, characterized by a comprehensive formation of the person and the pursuit of excellence, understood as the combination of high standards, evaluation and effort. It is personalized, practical, international and in touch with professional and business reality, firmly committed to bilingualism, and it does not neglect training in humanism and ethics.

Why study in Loyola University?

A well-qualified faculty for applied studies.  The studies have been planned keeping in mind the needs and demands of society and the labor market, so that our students can respond to the profile requested by businesses and institutions.  The Loyola University has a young and well-qualified teaching staff, with international experience in many cases and with prolific scientific production.  The faculty is very involved in training the students, and deals with them in a personalized way, striving daily to incorporate innovative teaching elements into their subjects.

Each student is unique.  Loyola University centers on the individual, each one of its students. Therefore their training is aimed at giving them personal and professional experience, in small groups of students, and personalized tutorials.  Each student is unique and both teachers and the rest of the university community is at the service of each of them.

Prepared for a global world.  In today’s globalized society, being international is emerging as a necessity and a factor of success.  Our students must be prepared to develop their professional career in multinational and intercultural environments.  Loyola University offers services and academic exchanges that facilitate this internationalization.  

Employability.  The employability of our students is one of the main aims of Loyola University.  Aware that our students will be employees and leaders in a not-so-distant future, one of our main missions is to encourage actions that prepare them and to provide training and guidance that increase their employability.

Innovation. Loyola University aspires to be a “research university “, where innovation is of crucial importance. Our aim is to produce research that is interdisciplinary, international and with a high degree of social involvement.  The aim is to improve research so that it has a positive repercussion on the quality of teaching as well as teaching methods.

Training in values. Loyola University strives to train men and women for the society in which we live, so they can be agents of change capable of transforming the world. Values are the reference point that makes our society a better place to live in and our students, better professionals.

Our internship program

The internship program in Loyola University is the starting point for the incorporation of our students into the labor market. It provides them with some initial practical experience where they can make use of the knowledge they have acquired and allows them to start designing their professional curriculum.

  • 100% of our students are highly satisfied with their internships.
  • Loyola University has over 3,000 agreements for internships that range from multinationals to local companies.
  • Each year an increasing number of internships end in the hiring of our students.
International vocation

Loyola University is committed to the international dimension of higher education, which is integrated into its mission, training and research.  The internationalization of the University, in addition to improving the quality of teaching and research, also means bigger and better employment opportunities for its students, and facilitates the acquisition of intercultural values that contribute to personal development

Mobility Programs
  • Erasmus Program +
  • The American and Asian Program
  • The Leonardo Da Vinci Program
  • Linguistic and cultural exchanges
  • Grupo Loyola 360
Scholarships and financial aid

Studying an official degree in Loyola University is within reach of all those people who wish to do so, because we have a firm commitment to allow nobody to be denied admittance to these studies for lack of funds.  Scholarships and grants meet academic and economic criteria, and are compatible with any other type of public or private aid.  They are divided into four types:

  • Award for academic excellence
  • Study grants
  • Grants for special causes
  • Grants for exchanges

For more information, log in to our scholarship simulator.

Services for Students

The University offers the students various services for their comprehensive training and orientation.

  • Support Service for Future Students
  • University Guidance Service
  • Employability and Entrepreneurship Service
  • Psycho-Educational and Social Support Service
  • Evangelization and Dialogue Service (Loyola SED)
  • International Relations Service
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