The Law Degree from Loyola University aims to make its students integral and upright jurists. For this, along with the study of traditional legal disciplines, the curriculum has been enriched to include materials oriented toward understanding reality from a broader and more contextualized perspective. Thus, for example, in our Law Degree there are subjects that analyze interactions between law and ethics, and with politics and society.  Furthermore, our curriculum includes subjects in the world of economics and business, and incorporates studies in humanities, human rights or social Christian thought.

On the other hand, the Law Degree from Loyola University helps our students to develop skills and core competencies for professional practice, like the ability to analyze reality, to search for solutions to complex problems, to orient conduct towards principles of freedom, equality justice and solidarity, legal argumentation, the ability to draft legal documents, public speaking or debate.  

We also emphasize the study of Legal English, a skill we reinforce in Loyola Idiomas with the possibility of obtaining an International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) accredited by the University of Cambridge.

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