Graduate in Primary Education + Early Childhood Education

Education is the foundation of any society. That is why Loyola University offers the Dual Degree in Primary and Early Childhood Education to train teachers to be able to respond to the educational needs raised by families, schools and society.

The Dual Degree in Primary and Early Childhood Education is for students who want to work with children from 0 to 12 years of age.  In this double itinerary, the same as in the two single degrees, English is clearly a protagonist in the training and curriculum as more than half of the subjects are given in English by native or highly qualified teaching staff.  This language has become a key and necessary tool in professional development in the field of education.  In this sense, to assure a professional use of English, internships are offered in bilingual centers.  

The University also has a volunteer service and offers students the possibility of collaborating with Educational centers as of their first year of study, which facilitates greater contact with the reality of education in different contexts, increasing social and teaching skills, and most importantly, favoring the transformation of the educative community in returning the  children to the limelight.

Students in the Education Degrees will be able: to understand the complexity of education through different sciences that converge in this field; to detect and solve problems; to plan, carry out and evaluate innovative projects to help transform the educative reality of our society and give children comprehensive formation.

It will be necessary to comply with admission prerequisites for both degrees.

  • Admission Requirements for The Degree in Early Childhood Educational.
  • Admission Requirements for The Degree in Primary Education

Issues related to the curricula of specific degrees, like Competencies, Student Profile and other academic questions, can be consulted in the sections corresponding to said degrees.

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