Industrial Engineering Program

To achieve the competencies of an industrial engineer, a student needs to complete a four year undergraduate degree that gives access to a Master’s in Industrial Engineering, and go on to study and finish this Master’s. There are quite a few different degrees that procure admission to this Master’s: the undergraduate Degree in Electromechanical Engineering, the Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electricity, Industrial Organization, Industrial Design, Energy Engineering or in Mechatronics Engineering among others. Moreover, some degrees have professional competencies while others do not. Also some permit direct admission into the Industrial Engineering Master’s while others require some subjects for adaptation.

The degrees in Engineering in Loyola University (Degree in Electromechanical Engineering and in Industrial Organization) permit you direct access to the Master’s in Industrial Engineering to become an industrial engineer.

Industrial engineers have a wide range of professional attributions including the signing of projects, reports, certificates and project management. Some professional sectors where Industrial Engineers carry great weight are:

Loyola University sector ingeniero industrial

Industrial Engineers represent 50% of the engineers in Spain, and are held in high esteem nationally and internationally. They enjoy very solid scientific training inherited from the rationalist values of the French Illustration, although a more pragmatic approach has been gradually adopted, influenced by the Anglo-Saxon culture. This training is notably generalist, which makes these engineers very versatile and allows them to work in many industrial and technological sectors, as well as in managerial capacities.

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