The Bilingual Degree in Business Administration and Management

The Bilingual Degree in Business Administration and Management from Loyola University subscribes to the branch of knowledge of Social Sciences.  These students obtain, on graduating, a special mention with reference to have completed a majority of their credits in English, with the consequent recognition that this merits at academic and
curricular level.

The aim of this degree is to prepare bilingual ADE professionals with a versatile formation, enabling them to develop a wide range of functions: managerial, administrative, appraising or evaluation of activities in any organization, or to start their own business in either of the two languages, whether it be Spanish or English.  
These professionals must be sensitive to the problems of our world and use ethical criteria to evaluate the commitments that companies acquire with respect to a wide variety of interest groups who hold certain expectations concerning their behavior.  With a bilingual education, this perspective and ability to evaluate and manage acquires a wider field of analysis, allowing an approach to other realities at global level.

The graduate in Business Administration and Management has to acquire practical knowledge that enables him/her to understand the mechanisms of the global economy, and of businesses in particular, to analyze the information necessary to make optimal decisions in uncertain conditions, to set targets and establish plans and the necessary lines of action to attain these goals, ensuring the proper functioning and sustainability of the organization.

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