Dual Business Degree

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The Dual Business Degree is a unique program that allows students to obtain a double degree with official recognition in the United States and Europe. This innovative program is made possible through combining the specializations of Business Administration and Management, both of which are taught at Universidad Loyola.

For our students beginning their study in Seville, we offer the degree to those studying in ADE (Business Administration), Double ADE or Bilingual ADE. Students demonstrating excellence during their first year in the Business Administration and Management degree program will have the opportunity to be selected to study in this exclusive program.

The selection process occurs shortly following the first semester of the first year at Loyola. This distinction then allows selected students to spend the first semester of their second year abroad at Loyola University Chicago’s Rome Center and full third year at Loyola University Chicago’s campuses in Chicago.

For our students coming to Seville from our partners in Chicago, welcome! We are excited to embrace you into the Universidad Loyola family. Please use this dedicated section of the website to direct you to what information you may need to answer any questions about your time with us.

At Universidad Loyola we are esteemed to offer this program which takes students in four years to three different countries and to two Bachelor's Degrees.



Dual Business Degree Graduate

  • Earn a USA bachelor's degree and an official European degree in Business Administration
  • Get a first-hand look at how business principles are applied in Europe and in the USA
  • Witness some of the social justice and sustainability efforts taking place in Europe and how they differ from efforts in the USA
  • Solidify ability to be flexible in different environments and languages
  • Enter the workforce as true global citizens

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