Graduate in Psychology + Criminology

The Dual Degree in Psychology and Criminology allows students to simultaneously pursue both Psychology and Criminology Degrees, thus obtaining two undergraduate degrees – the Dual Degree – over a period of five years, while developing a very versatile profile for the labor market.

This degree offers the latest and most innovative research results about how individuals behave, think, perceive and interact with the world, explanations for delinquency, real answers with respect to delinquent behaviors and the power relations in which they are produced.  
It will be necessary to comply with the admission prerequisites of both degrees:

  • Entry requirements for  the Psychology Degree
  • Entry requirements for the Degree in Criminology.

Issues related to the individual degrees that make up the curriculum, such as Competencies, Student Profile and other academic questions, can be consulted in the sections corresponding to said degrees.

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