Graduate in Criminology

The original and essential objective of the studies in Criminology is to train professionals to cover the social need of preventing and controlling crime and / or deviant behavior.  Today there is an international consensus in considering Criminology as a scientific discipline in itself, based on the presence of scientific Criminology societies worldwide as well as in Europe, an extensive body of international scientific journals, and also the presence of Criminology in international entities for the prevention and treatment of delinquency.
Criminology is a meeting point where different Social Science disciplines converge and interact, which is understood as an opportunity for development and dialogue. The degree in Criminology grants graduates professional competence in in a set of crime-related areas, given that scientific skills acquired to prevent and treat delinquency improve the effectiveness of agents of social control and favor crime-fighting techniques.
According to the complementary discipline in which the student wishes to specialize (Law or Psychology), the degree offers different majors, that is, specializations: Graduate in Criminology with a major in International Crime and Graduate in Criminology with a major in psychological intervention in crime scenes, as well as more emphasis on Humanism and Ethics.

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