• Loyola University Andalusia is a university that is a depository of the educative tradition of The Society of Jesus, internationally renowned for its excellence and demand for quality and for the comprehensive formation of the individual in all his / her dimensions.

  • For the individual student: from the very first day you will have a personal tutor who will be aware of your concerns and expectations regarding this new stage you are beginning, facilitating information about academic questions and the organization of the degree in which you have registered, and following up on your academic results to suggest ways to improve and overcome any problem areas regarding your studies.

  • With official degrees: Loyola Andalusia is the first private university in the Community. Both its undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are officially recognized and valid in the whole European Area of Higher Education.

  • Creating your own study itinerary: Loyola Andalusia offers you a wide range of subjects so that you can design your personal plan of studies according to your own interests.

  • Innovative teaching: The teaching staff of Loyola Andalusia is characterized by its constant innovation in teaching methodologies and the incorporation of the most modern tools for teaching and learning.

  • You can achieve your professional aims: the Loyola University of Andalusia makes all of its resources available to you to further your career plans. The Service of Employability and Entrepreneurship offers job orientation, internships and collaboration in job searching and setting up your own company.

  • Study all over the world: it is the only University in Spain with official degrees recognized in the United States, due to its partnership with Loyola Chicago.  Moreover, you can study in universities in Europe, Asia, America and Africa and do your courses in English.

  •  Because you are in a University that is alive: studying in Loyola Andalusia is much more than attending classes. It involves living the University experience and participating in numerous activities that go beyond academics and that will help you grow personally and professionally, affording your own Loyola experience.

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