revision de exámenes

Review of exams

In the Cambridge exams, quality control and the supervision in the correction process guarantee the results, so that the possibility of error in the qualifications is reduced to a minimum. All parts of the exam, except the oral interview, are corrected in Cambridge and most components are corrected by automatic optical reading procedures. This correction process is complemented by the work of a team of experts with specific training. The exams always go through more than one proofreader, in order to ensure the maximum absence of possible errors. The oral interview is carried out by the oral examiners, experienced teachers who follow a serious and complete training offered by Cambridge and who have the corresponding authorization and qualifications to practice as examiners.

Within 6-8 weeks after the exam, Cambridge English publishes the results. In case a candidate wishes to make a claim, it must be submitted through the Examination Center. Cambridge English considers the claim as an independent service of the exam, being therefore subject to independent fees.The review process consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1: a full "administrative" check of the exam. Cambridge verifies that all the corrections in the different parts of the exam have been correctly computed, in order to ensure that no errors have occurred when calculating the final grade. This phase does not imply a re-correction of the exam.
  • Phase 2: a new complete correction of the exam. To request this second phase, it is essential to have passed through phase 1.

The consultation about the results should be done through our center that will act on behalf of the candidate and guide him / her throughout the process. There is an economic cost for each of the two levels that will be reimbursed to the candidate in the event that as a result of the consultation the final grade obtained is modified. When there is a deadline to make a query about the results, it is advisable to contact our center as soon as possible after receiving the result of the exam. For this, they can do it through the following mail:  

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