Título e-Perinatal: Universal prevention of maternal mental disorders and its implementation as normalized routine practice
Abreviado e-Perinatal
Área de gestión Proyecto
Comienzo 01/01/2023
Abstract Maternal mental disorders are the most common complications during pregnancy and within the first year after childbirth (defined as the perinatal period) and are the leading cause of maternal suicide. Affected mothers cannot function properly, causing a devastating impact on the entire family. Effective primary prevention interventions are urgently needed. However, the current scientific evidence is insufficient to implementing primary preventive programs at the population level. Project aims to establish the effectiveness of universal preventive interventions for maternal perinatal mental disorders and to support their implementation as normalized routine practice in global healthcare services. Integrating classical and emerging methodological frameworks (family systems, self-determination theory, and normalization process theory), as well as the perspective of patient and public involvement in research, The project will: (a) Develop a personalized mobile-Health preventive intervention for mothers and their partners, which integrates evidence-based psychological components and personalized health recommendations; (b) Test preventive intervention effectiveness for reducing the incidence of maternal depression and anxiety disorder, reducing father/partner symptoms of depression and anxiety, and promoting child health and development; (c) Apply a causal methodology, to pinpoint the underlying mechanisms for the effectiveness of the preventive intervention; and (d) Understand the implementation process and identify the factors that can promote or inhibit implementation.
Entidad financiadora
Importe 275000 €
Unidad Departamento de Psicología
Loyola Health
Programa de Doctorado en Psicología

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