Título P?doped carbons in electrocatalytic applications (Electrophor) PID2019-108453GB-C22
Abreviado Electrophor
Área de gestión Proyecto
Comienzo 01/06/2020
Abstract The main objective of the project is to obtain a broad knowledge of the effects of the modification of the properties of activated carbon by doping phosphorus and co-doping with phosphorus and nitrogen in different types of processes. The requesting group of Subproject 1 (Coordinator) has extensive experience of more than 25 years in the synthesis of carbon materials and in their application in adsorption and catalysis processes. However, the group has no experience in electrochemical processes. These processes are of great importance today, since they can be used as electrical energy storage systems, to take advantage of excess electrical production from renewable sources and, especially, as a very promising way to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through its transformation into other products of interest such as fuels. Since, as mentioned above, it has been proven that doped carbons are very interesting in electrochemical processes, it is very important for the project to also have the collaboration of a research group with great experience in this type of processes, so that a wide range of possibilities of using these materials is included in the study. In this way, Subproject 1 (Coordinator), which would be carried out at the University of Alicante, will focus on the design, synthesis, characterization and application of doped carbons in adsorption and catalysis processes, and Subproject 2, which would be carried out at the Loyola University in Seville, will focus on the study of the properties as electrocatalysts of the materials developed in Alicante. On the other hand, there are two closely related processes that will be studied in each of the subprojects: CO2 capture (Subproject 1) and CO2 electroreduction (Subproject 2). In this way, the results obtained in this project could be used in the future in the design of a compact system that allows both processes to be carried out in a coupled manner.
Importe 96800 €
Unidad Departamento de Ingeniería
Materiales y Sostenibilidad
Programa de Doctorado en Ciencia de los Datos
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