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Abstract Abstract I initiated my research career in 2000 when I was awarded publicly funded Collaboration and Intercampus fellowships. In 2001, I started my PhD at the University of Alicante (FPI studentship). I performed two 3-months research stays (University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2002, and University of Poitiers in 2004) both of them resulted in several SCI publications. My doctoral work finished with 9 SCI publications (6 of them as a first author, 4 in Journal of Catalysis). After a postdoctoral stay at the Institute of Physical Chemistry “Rocasolano” (CSIC), in 2008 I was awarded a MEC/Fulbright fellowship to conduct my own research on catalytic conversion of biomass derivatives within Prof. James Dumesic´s group. I developed several pioneer works on catalytic upgrading of biomass sugars (glucose) and acids (lactic acid, levulinic acid) into advanced biofuels and valuable chemicals. My prolific research stay in Dumesic´s group finished with 19 publications (13 in SCI journals, 6 book chapters) and 1 international patent licensed, with particular emphasis on a paper published in Science (one of the 30 biggest chemical breakthroughs of the year according to magazine Chemistry World) and two hot papers in Green Chemistry (one of them cover paper). In January 2010 I joined the Advanced Materials Laboratory (LMA) at the Univ. of Alicante where I initiated a new line of research on biomass conversion giving rise to 8 SCI research articles (3 reviews in high impact journals, 5 research papers) and 1 book chapter. In September 2011 I was offered a research position at the University of Córdoba to lead the biomass conversion unit within the “Nanoscale Chemistry and Biomass Waste Valorization Group”. My main tasks were the design and implementation of new catalytic routes for the valorization of a variety of biomass and waste feedstocks resulting in 16 publications including a hot paper in Green Chemistry. Finally, in October 2012, I was offered a Senior Researcher position at Abengoa Research, the R&D division of the multinational company Abengoa, which resulted in 5 SCI research papers, 1 book chapter, 3 national patents under revision, and several European Projects (FP7 and H2020 calls) as a PI. I accumulated more than 3000 citations so far (2500 within the last 4 years), with an h index of 25. Environmental issues, the growing demand for energy, the medium-term depletion of petroleum and the necessity to reduce emissions in order to control the global warming has created the need for development of sustainable technologies based on renewable resources. On one hand, biofuels are one of these alternatives that can help to meet the future energy supply demands as well as contributing to a reduction of greenhouse gases emissions. The production of high-added value chemicals via clean sustainable methodologies is also one of the challenges for the future. In this project, I aim to design new catalysts specially formulated for the production of biofuels and high-value added chemicals from biomass platform molecules.
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